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resource. repurpose. replenish.

Your People Will Rebuild Long-Deserted Ruins, Building Anew On Foundations Laid Long Before You.

You Will Be Known As Repairers Of Cities And Restorers Of Communities. 

Isaiah 58:12 - The Passion Translation

The core of a community is it's people. The strength of a people are it's families. All other systems will reflect the strength of those who create the community. Harvest Pointe seeks to do it's part in this region by building a place where the community can gather to strengthen their individual lives and families. Having access to resources like a gym for health and wellness, a food pantry for access to vital nutrition, and a technology lab for youth and adults to access education and improved income opportunities that will help to build strong lives in our community.

Harvest Pointe seeks to build strong partnerships within the community to help repurpose land that has been ruined by blight and years of neglect. Through a vision that seeks to build the people and their land, we hope to do our part in restoring a vibrancy to our neighborhood that attract a replenishing of schools and families to our region.

This vision is definitely larger than a church, a neighborhood or a zip code! But this is what we know our God to specialize in; resourcing those in need, repurposing lives and replenishing that which has been damaged or lost. Join us in making this happen in our region. Let's come together and work together to bring this community to a Harvest Pointe!

There's more to come! Stay tuned as we continue in the work of communicating what more harvest pointe is planning!